Martin Chatterton -  Author and Illustrator

Martin Chatterton -  Author and Illustrator

Martin Chatterton, author and illustrator, visited with Year 6 students on Wednesday 3rd August.

Martin is famous for his novel Mort and also as an illustrator for James Patterson’s Middle School series.

This very humorous writer and artist gave a great overview of his life and his illustrating techniques.

Students volunteered to model for Martin, who produced a number of fantastic caricatures of Year 6 students. Mr Shaw also had his portrait done, which Year 6 student Ben Waddel thought “was incredibly funny."

Year 6 student Jack Tylich thought Martin was "a very humorous person and knew what he was talking about when he spoke to the whole group.

He was very good at drawing and made a very good point about how lucky we are to be at Scotch College.” While Thomas Ostergaard thought "I liked the way he over exaggerated pictures to bring out the little things.”

Students can keep track of Martin on his blog:

Thanks to Mrs Salt and Mrs Lightfoot for organizing a great visit.