STEM Challenge
STEM Challenge
The Year 1s had a wonderful time with their Year5 buddies this week learning about Beebots, Probots and Spheros.
The Year 1s have been learning about how transportation can enhance functioning within communities.
The Year 5 boys had to plan the various lessons they were instructing to the Year 1s. 
They were very careful with taking into consideration that they were Year 1s and some boys might not know their left from right.
The Year 5 boys were extremely successful with the lessons they planned for the Year 1s.
The Beebots activity required the Year 1 boys to navigate the course using forward, backward, left and right to ensure the pizza got delivered, preferably hot.
The Probots activity required the boys to to get the Uber to the airport so their parents aren't late. We did see one Uber today drive through a shopping centre:)
The Sphero activity required the boys to use their iPad to program the sphero to deliver the wheat to the bakery for the town.
The boys had a wonderful time as well as learning a lot about the world of robotics.
Mrs Ritchie, Miss Cirilo, Mrs Gray and Mr Wells.