Clean Up Australia Day

Cleaning up Australia

Clean up Australia Day was taken seriously at Scotch College with groups of volunteers making a huge effort to clean up our environmental.

On Friday 5th March the Year 3S boys kicked off their bit with Clean Up School day. With much enthusiasm, the boys scoured every nook and cranny of the grounds, netting a massive amount of garbage for their efforts. They displayed the bags of rubbish at Assembly with a passionate plea to care for the environment.

Then on Sunday 7th March 40 members of the Scotch College community contributed to cleaning up Australia. Led by Ms Columba Tierney, Ms Lisa Evans, Rev Syme and Mrs Syme, the dedicated band of volunteers attacked a number of sites including around Lake Claremont, Shenton Road and the railway line between Claremont and Swanbourne. Special mention should also go to the very enthusiastic Separovic (Jack Separovic, 9 Alexander) and Kirby (Matthew Kirby, 8 Ross) clans who enthusiastically rounded up more than their fair share. The concentrated, one hour effort nabbed 16 bags of rubbish consisting mainly of newspapers, fast food packaging and bottles. Prize for the strangest piece of rubbish was a tie between the rogue coat hanger and the rusted saw blade.

Many thanks to all volunteers for such a great effort.