Planting for the future

Planting for the future

National Tree Day gave Year 3S Scotch boys an opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous unseasonal weather and do their bit for the environment.

On Friday 29 July the boys scrambled around the edges of the bottom oval at Scotch College and planted Australian native seedlings to help regenerate wildlife. Heidi Hardesy from Friends of Lake Claremont supplied the seedlings and showed the boys how best to plant them for successful growth.

Planting seedlings helps regenerate wildlife, including plants and animals. The boys' enthusiastic work meant Marri, Tuart, Red Eyed Wattle, Coojong, Perth Hopbush, Spear Wood, Variable Leaved Hakia, Elegant Beaufortia and clumps of Green Kangaroo Paw will be flourishing for years to come.

Here are some comments from boys on the day.

Liam Blok: "The best thing about planting trees was that I got to plant five trees because they were Kangaroo Paws so I needed to plant them in groups."
Aedan Swan: "I think it will be really great to come back in a few weeks or years time to see how much my trees have grown."
Coen Miller: "I chose the Kangaroo Paw. Harry, Will, Aedan and I all planted them together to make a lovely arrangement."