PYP Exhibition 2010

PYP Exhibition 2010

The Exhibition is a significant event in the PYP: the culmination of the boys' journey through the program. Not only is it the celebration of what the boys have learnt over their time in the Junior School, it also gave them the opportunity to have control over the central idea, the lines of inquiry and allows them to develop a burning question to lead their inquiries.

The exhibition was celebrated on Wednesday 15 September; the boys got the opportunity to share their learning journey with the Scotch community. MacKellar Hall was the perfect location for the Exhibition.

It was wonderful to see the parents, many who had given up some mornings to mentor the boys in the toughest part of the inquiry process (the note taking and report writing!), talk to the boys and hear how much the boys had learnt in the process.

The Year 5 boys should be very proud of the process and the final product, as it was a most successful exhibition.