Sustainable September

Sustainable September

Sustainable September

Sustainable September ( is an initiative from a range of WA religious, community related and government sponsored organisations who came together to recognise the inextricable triple bottom line relationship between environmental, social and economic priorities.

In an attempt to recognise and promote the important message illustrated by the Sustainable September initiative , numerous activities have been undertaken around Scotch during this month. For example:


Throughout Week 8 of Winter Term Sebastion Sweeney (Yr 12 Cameron - Captain of Drama) aka 'Vladamir from Russia' and Rory O'Keefe (Yr 12 Stuart) aka 'Ozzie' performed an entertaining skit in Chapel to the amusement of attending staff and boys. Their skit was an adaptation of the the original script "Conversations with God", bravely acted out in front of their peers to promote an important message in as light hearted a way as possible: are out actions as a collective society as sustainable as they can be. The intention here was that with humour and maturity as a society, we can take a step back to look at how we do certain things and question whether there is a better way to do it which is not quite so illogical and nonsensical! This was just another example of the opportunities offered to Scotch boys to question the status quo and challenge them to be agents of change.

Year 11 Leadership program:

As a culmination of their year-long Leadership course, all 10 Pastoral Houses were challenged to come up with an environmental action over a 4 week period. There were entertaining ideas, some more practical and realistic than others, ranging from saving the Swan River (Anderson House), promoting a Walk to School Day (St Andrew House) to introducing Recycling and raising awareness regarding Litter around the school (Brisbane House). The overall prize however for the House most successful in planning and carrying out their action went to Ferguson House for their Sustainable food initiative which saw them set up raised garden beds and plant vegetable seedlings. Every house had to present their achievements during a special celebratory morning session in the Memorial Hall where they first heard the inspirational story of OSC ('94) Patrick Hollingworth talking about his expedition to be only the 3 rd West Australian to climb Mt Everest earlier this year in a bid to raise awareness on Men's Health and environmentalism. The attached photos give an indication of events associated with this initiative.

Yr 9 Environmental Excursions:

On Friday 3 September boys from Year 9 participated in environmental activities. The afternoon was designed to complement the end of a 14 week Sustainability Unit that all boys have been studying in their Society and Environment classes throughout Autumn and Winter Terms. In this unit they looked at concepts such as resources, scarcity, economic problem, factors of production, explored the complexities of Population distribution and density, before considering the role of Climate & Weather and how all these interact to influence our ability to use our land. Classes were challenged to bring together their understanding of the intricate relationship between these concepts by analysing original, and at times controversial resources, such as the 1970s The Lorax , the Story of Stuff (, Dick Smith's Population Puzzle documentary ( and comedian John Doyle with Tim Flannery's documentary journey down the Murray River in "Two men in a Tinny" . This is yet another demonstration of the School's ongoing commitment to challenge our young citizens about what practical things they might want to do to make their environment more sustainable in future.