Scotch in America

Scotch in America

During the Summer break a group of students and staff travelled to California for the Basketball tour, where they played against local varsity teams while soaking up the sights.

It wasn't all Hollywood glitz and glamour though, our boys were a little 'shell shocked' at the fast past and physicality of the American basketball sides.

One of the teams our boys played against the Templeton boys basketball team from San Luis Obispo, for a friendly competition.

Mr Sean Mecham, one of the coaches on tour and Senior School Teacher at the College said the atmosphere was electric.

"The Gymnasium was packed with a strong local country crowd, cheer leaders and the whole 'box and dice' ".

"The Scotch junior varsity team were on first and handled the pressure very well as they kept their unbeaten record alive with a close 3 point victory".

"The Scotch varsity team were out classed by a very well drilled and oiled varsity team," said Mr Mecham.

The group made it back safe and sound with a Scotch team that has matured and hardened over the two weeks on tour. Thank you to everyone that supported the tour with a special mention to Mr CJ Jackson who was outstanding as Head Coach of Scotch College varsity and junior varsity teams.