Middle School Swimming Carnival

Middle School Swimming Carnival

The Middle School boys tested their strength at yesterdays MS Inter-house swim carnival. The first part of the day saw the boys battle it out to get a placing in a final for their house. This saw a great deal of courage and determination for all of the boys and proved to a great quality for the middle school collectively. The finals saw some incredible personal bests being set and tight margins between races. Final standings were:

1st Gordon (1702 points)
2nd David (1602 points)
3rd Andrew (1523 points)
4th James (1498 points)
5th Bruce (1444 points)
6th Robert (1119 points)

This is the first time Gordon house has won the competition in Middle Schools history - congratulation!

Champion House Boys went to: Year 6: Nicolas Le Page; Year 7: Hugo Barich; Year 8: Jacob Jones
Runners-up House Boys went to: Year 6: Raffael Torre, Year 7: Julian Kyriakou; Year 8: Charlie Castleden